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 A funny story

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Kỹ Sư Chủ Chốt
Kỹ Sư Chủ Chốt

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Đến từ : I come from Bac Ninh province ( tôi ko hy vọng, tôi chỉ có niềm tin, tôi không thất vọng mà chỉ là thử thách )

Bài gửiTiêu đề: A funny story   Thu May 12, 2011 2:27 pm

funny story

I like to go picnic to some nice
and quiet places. Last weekend, I decided to visit the countryside which My
uncle has been living for thirty years. He lives in Tra Vinh province that has
many kinds of fruits. In the early morning, I rode a new motorbike to go there.
It was my first time to travel to Tra Vinh by motorbike and it was so far. When
I went a half of road, suddenly, the back tire was out of air so I had to spend
much time walking on the long street to a mechanical shop to fix it. Then I
continued my journey. At three pm, I arrived there. I washed my face, took a
rest for ten minutes and ate my meal. After that, I went back to the garden of
the house and I was surprised when seeing a lot of mangoes on the tree. At that
moment, I wanted only to eat them but I am so short that I could not reach
them. An idea in my head appeared, I left and returned with an axe to chop down
that tree but behind me, My uncle shouted “stop”. He did not allow to do that.
He said “ there were other more intelligent ways to get the fruits without
destroying the tree. He suggested, if I wanted to eat them, I could use a ladder
to gather them. A tree chopped down would never bear fruits ever again.” That
reminded me, how fool I was. And finally, I was able to get what I wanted. It
was delicious. I could remember it taste forever.

Next day, what a beautiful day! My
new neighbor and I went fishing after putting the fishing rod down, we chose a
good place to sit down while waiting a fish for biting. We had waited it for a
very long time so we intended to catch some locusts to make a bait for fish.
Suddenly, my rod seemed to shake a little. I moves forward fast and lifted it
up but it was so heavy. I thought, it was a big fish. I stood up quickly and
pulled it up with all my possibilities ( and bent over backwards to pull it
up). The rod was bent but the line would not come up. I slipped and out of
balanced so I stumbled head over heels into the river. Fortunately, it was only
waist-deep so I stood up and found my rod beside me. I grabbed the rod. It was
still heavy. After that, I groped and pulled it up the bank. Ridiculously, it
turned out to be a discarded tire. Both My friend and I laughed together. Then
we got back home. That was a very memorable day.

One day later, I got back my house.
Perhaps, next summer, I will return back there because now, I am preparing for
taking a semester final exam next May. Indeed, I felt happy when I stayed
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Jonny Thinh
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Kỹ Sư Mới

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Bài gửiTiêu đề: Love the way you did   Thu Jun 19, 2014 1:21 pm

The story is so funny with natural feeling also a little young-young inside your thought.
After that don't you come back ur uncle's house again? Do fishing and eat mangos,...
Why don't you share more story like that it's so helpful to raise up others emotion in writing and reading. However, don't put it too long haha.
Nice to meet you and read the story.
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A funny story
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