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 Học bổng toàn phần sau đại học Talisman Vietnam

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Bài gửiTiêu đề: Học bổng toàn phần sau đại học Talisman Vietnam    Thu Feb 02, 2012 4:42 pm

1. Talisman Energy

- Talisman Energy Inc. is an independent upstream oil and gas company headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Talisman has operations in Canada and its subsidiaries operate in the UK, Norway, Southeast Asia, North Africa and the United States. Talisman subsidiaries are also active in a number of other international areas. Talisman has a strong commitment to its stakeholders and to maintaining high standards of excellence in corporate citizenship and social and environmental responsibility, wherever its business is conducted.

- In Vietnam, Talisman is operator of Blocks 133/134, 05-2/10, 46-Cai Nuoc and PM3-CAA (Commercial Area Arrangement with Malaysia) and is also a participant in Truong Son JOC (Block 46/02) and Thang Long JOC (Block 15-2/01).

- With the objectives of contribution to enhancing quality of the local workforce in oil and gas industry of Vietnam, Talisman Vietnam Limited (TVL) is pleased to sponsor two full postgraduate scholarships for fall enrolment of academic year 2012 for Vietnamese professionals wishing to undertake a Master’s degree in petroleum related fields at the University of Alberta (U of A), Canada.

2. Talisman Postgraduate Scholarship and Eligible Fields of Study

- The scholarships aim to provide opportunities for postgraduate study at the U of A for young professionals in early or mid-career, who demonstrate both academic excellence and the potential to become leaders, decision-makers and opinion-formers in Vietnam.

- Twoscholarships are available for study for the following maximum two-year full-time postgraduate Master's programs in the below fields.

· MSc. in Integrated Petroleum Geosciences

· MSc. in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences (focus on Geology)

· MSc. in Physics (focus on Geophysics)

· MSc./MEng in Civil and Environmental Engineering (specialization in Petroleum Engineering, Structural Engineering, or Geotechnical Engineering)

· MSc./MEng in Chemical and Materials Engineering

· MSc./MEng in Mechanical Engineering

· MBA, with specialization in Natural Resources, Energy and Environment

- Each scholarship provides tuition fee at the U of A, a stipend to cover living costs (for one person only) for maximum two years and return air travel to Vietnam (the return flight must be taken within three weeks of completion of the program of study).

3. Who is eligible to apply?

Applicants must:

· display intellectual ability and leadership potential;

· meet minimum English language standards - IELTS band score 6.5 (with not less than 5.0 in any skill) or paper based TOEFL minimum score of 550 (paper-based) or a total score of 88 with a score of at least 20 on each of the individual skill areas (internet-based).

· If you apply for MBA degree, in addition to the English Language skills evidence above, you need to provide either GMAT score minimum 600 (paper-based) or 100 (internet-based) with at least 20 on each of the individual skill area or GRE 1100 total (verbal 450 and quantitative 650)

and will normally be expected to:

· Have a good academic record. Only candidates with an "excellent" (gioi or xuat sac - 8.0+) or "good" (kha - 7.5+) first degree will be considered.

· not already have received or be currently receiving financial benefit from a previous Government-Funded Scholarship;

· not already had the chance of studying in Canada or another developed country;

· not already been awarded a university doctorate from another academic institution;

· Industry experience would be a plus

4. Application process and deadline

- Candidates, wishing to be considered for the scholarship should apply to the U of A for the admission to one of the above fields, and then send the following documents to the Talisman office address indicated at the end of these guidelines no later than April 30, 2012:

· Completed and signed application form for the scholarship. The form can be downloaded from Talisman website

· Official admission letter from the U of A

· Copy of academic records translated into English

· Up-to-date CV summarizing qualifications and work experience

- For questions about the U of A, you may contact: Mr. Dan Fredrick, Manager, Sponsored Student Program, U of A International, University of Alberta, International Centre, 172 HUB, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6G 2E1,

5. Other important notices:

- Application for admission to the U of A involves a long process; therefore, you are advised to start your application process as soon as possible.

- When you submit your application to the University of Alberta, you must send an email to Dan Fredrick to tell him you have done so. This is necessary to ensure that you will be considered for the scholarship.

- The information that you provide in the scholarship application form will be a major factor in determining the short-list for interview. You are asked to complete the application form carefully and pay particular attention to the questions. Please bear in mind that the final decision to make an award will be influenced by your performance in the interview.

- Completed application, marked “APPLICATION FOR TALISMAN VIETNAM POSTGRADUATE SCHOLARSHIP” should be sent no later than April 30, 2012 to the following address. Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact:

Talisman Vietnam Limited

Add: 29 Le Duan Street, Saigon Tower, Floor 18, District 1, HCMC, Viet Nam

Attn: Ms. Quynh Le

Tel: 08 3823 8232, ext. 5019
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Học bổng toàn phần sau đại học Talisman Vietnam
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