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Chào Mừng Các Bạn Đến Với Diễn Đàn Kỹ Sư Dầu Khí Việt Nam. Hãy đăng nhập nếu bạn đã là thành viên và đừng ngại chia sẽ những kiến thức của bạn. Hãy đăng ký nếu bạn chưa phải là thành viên và cùng thảo luận cùng chúng tôi.
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 Practice homework

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Kỹ Sư Chủ Chốt
Kỹ Sư Chủ Chốt

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PostSubject: Practice homework   Practice homework I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 13, 2010 9:42 am


  • Odd one out and name the class of the words remain (Chọn ra từ không cùng nhóm với các từ còn lại)

A. a. cow b. bull c. chicken d. sheep
B. a. took b. gave c. read d. called

  • Choose the word which the underlined part is pronounce differently from the others. (Chọn từ có phần gạch dưới được phát âm khác với các từ còn lại)

A. a. cat b. hat c. part d. apple
B. a. father b. this c. within d. everything
C. a. umbrella b. universe c. under d. unknown

  • Multiple choice

1. She stilllives there her parents.
a. for b.at c. with din
2. He is the player in his team.
a. most b.best c. better d. more excellent
3. Come in and me a seat.
a. have b.get c. give d. do
4. Yesterday, he a lottery ticket.
a. won b.win c. wins d. has won
5. He went to Ho Chi Minh City lastweek, and so I.
a. am b.do c. does d.did

  • Reading comprehension (Đọc và trả lời câu hỏi)

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.] The kiwi lives only in New Zealand. It is a very strangebird because it cannot fly. The kiwi is the same size as a chicken. It has nowing or tail. It does not have any feathers like other bird. It has hair on itsbody. Each foot has four toes. Its beak (mouth) is very long.
Akiwi likes a lot of tree around it. It sleeps during the day because thesunlight hurts its eyes. It can smell things with its nose. It is the only birdin the world that can smell things. The kiwi’s eggs are very big.
Thereare only a few kiwis in New Zealand now. People never see them. Thegovernment says that people cannot kill kiwis. New Zealanders want their kiwisto live.
Thereis a picture of a kiwi on New Zealand money. People from New Zealand are sometimes calledkiwis.
A. Vocabulary (Điền từ vào chỗ trống, cho tấtcả các levels)
Government Smell During Kiwi
Kill Size Fly Only
Wings Chicken Beak Tail
Strange Hurt Feather Body
a. It sleeps the day because the sunlight its eyes.
b. It is a very bird because it cannot .
c. The says that people cannot kill kiwis.
d. It can things with his nose.
e. It has no or .
f. The lives in New Zealand.
g. It does nothave any like other bird.
h. Its is very long.
i. The kiwi isthe same as a chicken.
B. Vocabulary (new contex for level 2)
during picture kiwi only
size smells wings hair
hurts strange tail feather
trees government fly beak
a. The and a few birds cannot fly.
b. A bluebirdhas blue .
c. Somestudents have a scholarship from their .
d. An airplanecan because it has .
e. What are youcooking? It good.
f. My leg . I can’t walk on it.
g. Most catshave a long
h. A person hasa mouth. A bird has a .
i. Some studentsare very . They want to learn English but they don’tcome to class.
j. I cannot buythis shirt. I have three dollars.
k. What shoes do you wear?
l. Most peoplework the day and sleep at night.
C. Questions(Tất cả các levels)
The asterisk (*) means you have to think ofthe answer. You cannot find it in the text.

  • Where does the kiwi live?

  • What is a kiwi?

  • How big is a kiwi?

  • Does a kiwi have feathers?

  • Does it have a tail and wings?


  • How many toes does it have? *

  • When does a kiwi sleep?

  • Can most birds smell?

  • Why cannot people kill kiwis?

  • Why does the New Zealand government have a picture of a kiwi on its money? *

D. Comprehension: True of False (Điền T vàokhoảng trống nếu câu dưới đây đúng với nội dung bài; F nếu không đúng)

    • Kiwis live in Australia and New Zealand.
    • A kiwi has a tail but no wing.
    • A kiwi has a big beak.
    • It sleeps during the day because light hurts its eyes.
    • You can see a kiwi in the zoo. *
    • The New Zealand government does not want all the kiwis to die.
    • A kiwi is like most other bird.

  • Writing

    • Sentences transformation (for level 3 or high school students):

- Tom is taller than Peter.
Ä Peter
- Why don’t we go to cafeteria?
Ä How about
- Sharpay will come to the party tonight.
Ä Sharpay is

    • Complete the sentences with the words given:

- There / cinema / between / hall / museum.

- wear / in / to / students / the U.S /school / not / the uniform.

- station / on / souvenir / police / shop / is / the /the / the / right / , / opposite

    • Complete the sentences, using on, in, at, between, opposite, from … to if possible (for level 2).

- My house is thebookstore and the school.
- There is a lake front of the park.
- The bus stop is the right.
- I will be home all day.
- The supermarket is the theatre.
- It takes two hours to go Ba Ria Ho Chi Minh City by bus.
- There are three picture the wall.

    • Complete the passage, filling the blank with the words given(Điền các từ cho sẵn vào chỗ trống, dành cho tất cả các levels)

Activities ones swimming musicals different songs
some eachother students join together badminton
TheVietnamese students take part in after-school activities. Some play sports. They often play soccer, tabletennis or . Sometimes they go swimming in the pools. Some students like music, drama andmovies. They often practice playing musical in the school music room. They in the school theatre group and usuallyrehearse plays. are members of the stamp collector’s club.They often get and talk about their stamps. A few stay at home and play video games or computergames. Most of them enjoy their after school hours.

    • Correct the mistakes (Sửa lỗi sai, cho level2).

- I arrive at Heathrow airport atten o’clock last night.
- She could to speak three languageswhen she was ten.
- The plant is in frontthe window
- I don’t can go out because Ihave a lot of home work.
- What is the highermountain in the word?
lol! Have a nice day!
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Practice homework
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